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Pastor and Judy Grimwood

Robert and Judy Grimwood began serving at Lake Lansing Baptist Church on June 14, 1993. They have a long history of Christian ministry, spanning more than four decades. They have been married since 1969.

Bob has completed an earned Ph.D. with degrees in Bible and Theology, History, Education, and Archaeology. His professional experience includes seven years as a minister of youth and Christian education, 18 years as a Christian school teacher and principal, and more than twenty years as pastor at LLBC. He was Ordained April 21, 1991.

Judy has an earned M.S. in education.  She also completed academic programs in music, Bible, and education, as well as extensive training in counseling women. In addition to service with her husband, she was a Christian school teacher for 24 years and now serves in a variety of aspects at the church.