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Family Activities

F.U.N. GroupFamily Fun Activity

Our F.U.N. (Fellowship, Unity, Nourishment) Group is our family ministry.  The group  schedules fun activities throughout the year, including the following:

  • Family Sledding
  • Family Christian Night at the Lugnuts
  • Family Camping
  • Pumkin Carving
  • and more!

Robert Raikes Academy

R.R.A. is a co-operative of several homeschool families associated with Lake Lansing Baptist Church that have joined together to share in the education of their children.  Parents teach classes, care for younger children, and help with clean up or other tasks as needed.   The co-op provides a Christian atmosphere in which to gain experience with group dynamics and socialization and share expenses, equipment, resources, enrichment, and knowledge. Below are some examples of RRA activities.

  • Science Fair
  • Graduation
  • Music Presentations